Revolutionary Two-Team

Compensation Plan

Is it YOUR Day in the SUN?


Black Oxygen Organics Commission Payment Schedule:

Compensation Plan Effective December 1, 2019

Weekly Work Period 1st – 7th

Work Period 8th – 14th

Work Period 15th – 21st

Work Period 22nd – Mo.

End Monthly Work Period 1st – Mo. End

Payday 14th of the month

Payday 21st of the month

Payday    1st of the month

Payday 7th of the month

Payday 15th following month

1.  BEEP 5 Generation Fast Start Accelerator – ‘Break Even – Earn Profit’

Paid on all enrollment product orders and your generational brand partners in their first 60 days

Infinite depth payout

Must be Active and Qualified to receive BEEP FSB Dynamic Compression Applied

2.  Customer Business

Our reward system makes building a customer focused business extremely rewarding.

3. Team Volume Compensation

> 2 Personally enrolled A&Q distributors, one on the left & one on the right leg of your binary organization.<br>

> Minimum of 80 CV (personal purchase)

> Percentage payout is on Lesser Volume Leg & capped at $150,000 per month.

> Director and above no more than 50% of qualifying volume can come from one generational leg.

> To aNain the rank of CEO and above you must maintain 5,000 ETQV on your greater volume leg (GVL)

4. Matching Team Bonus

  • > 7 Generations of Matching Bonus is paid on personally enrolled generations – Team Bonus

5. Rank Advancement Bonus

A one-time bonus awarded when you reach a new rank for the first time.

CEO and above require maintaining rank 2 months in a row to receive Advancement Bonus. CEO and above will pay out the bonus over a 2 month period.

6. Business Builder Bonus

Put your MONTHLY Bonus to work to expand your business and your profitabiltiy
Share Credits are packages to encourage more product sharing to build your buisiness each month.
Share Credits will be for product purchasing only and redeemed in your back office store.
Share Credit purchases can be used with a larger order or seprate purchase – BP pays shipping & tax.
LifeStyle Bonus starts on the month following the Rank Advancement Bonus Payout

  • Gold CEO = 1 Share
  • Platinum CEO = 2 Shares
  • Diamond CEO = 3 Shares

Health Professional Program

This position allows practitioners to offer our products and make income at point of sale.

SoThe enrollment of “Healthcare Professionals” requires a standard enrollment and then medical certifications and requirements are submitted to customer service for corporate approval and then the Professional discount will be awarded

Influencer Program

Influencers Welcome: This position honors profit making from a customer business model

Soar through the ranks as a Customer Centric Business

Influencer will earn customer revenue based on compensation element #2 above.
Influencers can participate in the full compensation plan by applying same qualifications as brand partners.


CV or Commissionable Volume is on PAR with the U.S. Dollar. 1 : 1


P.E.                   Personally Enrolled

P.V.                   Personal Volume

P.G.V. E.T.V. E.T.Q.V. A & Q

Personal Group Volume Enrollment Tree Volume

Enrollment Tree Qualifying Volume

Active and Qualified (Active order of 50 points in the current month)

Gen              Generation as displayed in the Unilevel Organizational Structure

L.V.L.                 Lesser Volume Leg in your Two Team Organization

G.V.L.                 Greater Volume Leg in your Two Team Organization

P.L.V.                 Pay Leg Volume also referred to as Lesser Volume Leg

Qualifying Volume – Must be purchased by the qualifying brand partner

Personally Enrolled Requirement – P.E. must be qualified with a minimum 50 point order

Rewards for Partnering and Sharing the Black Oxygen Mission